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Actor’s Intensive 23.24 Cohort | Arts Club


Production Assistant | Wrecked: A Solo Show | Vancouver Fringe

Performed and Written by Samantha Levy

Directed by Raugi Yu

Stage Managed by Adam Beggs

Sound Design by Riley Hardwick

Lighting Design by Caroline Frost




Assistant Director | The 3 Little Pigs | Carousel Theatre

Directed by Chris Lam

Music Direction by Arielle Ballance

Choreography by Nicole Rose Bond

Stage Managed by Jasmin Sandhu

Set Design by Ariel Slack

Props Design by Monica Emme

Costume Design by Christopher David Gauthier

Lighting Design by Itai Erdal


Stage Manager | Metamorphoses | Studio 58

Directed by Daniela Atiencia

Movement Direction by Vuk Prodanović 

Assistant Stage Managed by Marielle Ortinez and Alyson Vance

Set and Props Design by Kimira Reddy

Set Design Assistant and Props Building by Elliot Roberts

Costume Design by Emily Friesen

Costume Assistant Melissa McCowell

Sound Design by Owen Belton

Lighting Design by Jonathan Kim

Assistant Lighting Design by Andie Lloyd

Intimacy Direction by Julie Murphy

Stage Manager | Catalina La O Presenta: Now With Me | jk jk & Queer Arts Festival

Created by khattieQ and Jenny Larson-Quiñones

Performed by khattieQ

Directed by Jenny Larson-Quiñones

Music Composition by khattieQ & Anton Berrios

Assistant Stage Managed by Rachel Brew

Costume Design by Michelle Thorne

Sound Design by Erika Champion

Lighting Design by Abby Levis

Technical Director - Victoria Bell

Production Manager - Jasmin Sandhu

Producer - Shanae Sodhi


Assistant Director | Six of One | Studio 58

Directed by (Program A) Quelemia Sparrow 

Directed by (Program B) Melissa Oei 

Stage Managed by Elliot Roberts 

Assistant Stage Managed by

(Program A) Caylen Creative and Samantha Kerr

(Program B) Katie Schram and Terrence Zhou

Scenic Design by Kevin MacDonald  

Props Design by Jenn Stewart 

Costume Design by Alaia Hamer

Lighting Design by Keagan Elrick 

Projection Design by Candelario Andrade  

Sound Design by Riley Hardwick 

Production Coordinator | Awkward and Embarrassing Conversations Workshop | Neworld Theatre

Directed by Anita Rochon

Written by Sarah Garton Stanley & Marcus Youssef

Props Design by Shizuka Kai

Projection Design by Cande Andrade

Managing Director - Alen Dominguez



Stage Manager | The Marvelous Wonderettes | Theatre NorthWes

Directed by Sarah Rodgers

Music Direction by  Barb Parker

Choreography by Anna Russell

Apprentice Stage Managed by Johnell Stafford

Set Design b Jessica Oostergo

Costume Design by Bonnie Deakin

Lighting Design by Gary Harris

Props Coordinator - Solomon Goudsward

Production Manager - John Reilly


Stage Manager | Cerulean Blue | Studio 58

Directed by Cameron Peal & Kelsey Kanatan Wavey

Music Composition by Wayne Lavallee

Set, Props & Costume Design by Jessica Oostergo

Lighting Design by Brad Trenaman

Fight Direction by Nathan Kay


Co-Stage Manager | on behalf | Pomarantz Collective

Directed by Daniela Atiencia

Co-Stage Managed by Julia Lank

Movement/Choreography by Tamar Tabori

Set & Props Design by Stephanie Wong

Cinematography by Kim Ho

Dramaturgy by Véronique West


Stage Manager | Underground Absolute Fiction (Music Workshop)

Written & Produced by Anais West

Music Direction by khattieQ

Sound Recording & Editor - Piotr Wieczorek

Playwrights' Gym Cohort 2021 | Green Thumb Theatre

Lead by Rachel Aberle


Performer | The Consent Club Workshop | Electric Company Theatre

Written and Directed by Carmen Aguirre




Assistant Stage Manager | Be-Longing | the frank theatre/ CHIMERIK 似不

Collectively created by Fay Nass, Meghna Haldar & Sammy Chien

Theatrical Direction by Fay Nass

Film Direction by Meghna Haldar

New Media Direction by Sammy Chien

Director of Photography - Kaayla Whatchell

Music Direction and Original Compositions by Taymaz Saba

Set Design by Jennifer Stewart

Costume Design by Carmen Alatorre

Sound Design by Helena Krobath

Stage Manager - Susan Miyagishima

Production Manager - Nicole Lamb

Co-Producers - Fay Nass, Anais West, Patricia Trinh


Assistant Stage Manager | Catalina La O Presenta: Now With Me | jk jk & Vancouver Fringe

Created by khattieQ and Jenny Larson-Quiñones

Performed by khattieQ

Directed by Jenny Larson-Quiñones

Music Composition by khattieQ & Anton Berrios

Director of Photography & Editor Rob Leikner

Costume Design by Michelle Thorne

Lighting Design by Abby Levis

Sound Design by Erika Champion

Dramaturgy by Joanna Garfinkel

Stage Manager - Heather Barr

Production Associate - Ivy Charles

Production Manager - Abby Levis

Producer - Shanae Sodhi


Assistant Stage Manager | Straight White Men | ITSAZOO Productions

Directed by Chelsea Haberlin & Fay Nass

Choreography by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg

Set Desig by: Shizuka Kai

Costume Design byLaura Fukumoto

Lighting Design by Sophie Tang

Sound Design by MJ Coomber

Props Master - Carol Macdonald  

Fight Direction by Olivier Lunardi

Stage Manager - Susan D. Currie

Production Manager/Technical Director - Mimi Abrahamas

Assistant Technical Director - Aidan Hammond

Associate Producer - Shanae Sodhi



Performer – Nemasani | Anon(ymous) | Studio 58

Directed by Carmen Aguirre

Stage Managed by Gustavo Cunha

Set and prop design by Jessica Oostergo

Lighting design by Alan Brodie

Costume design by Mara Gottler

Composition and Musical Direction by Joelysa Pankanea

Choreography by Delia Brett

Video design by Candelario Andrade

Sound Design by Evan Rein


Performer – Messenger/Dolabella | Antony & Cleopatra | Studio 58

Directed by Cameron Mackenzie

Stage Managed by Brynna Drummond

Set and prop design by Lauchlin Johnston

Lighting design by Jerguš Opršal

Sound design by Heather Kemski

Choreography by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg


Performer – Bea | End of The Line | IGNITE! Youth-Driven Arts Festival – The Cultch

Directed and Written by Red Fawkes

Stage Managed and Costume Design by Melicia Zaini

Set & Props Design by Vanka Salim

Lighting Design by Ryan Yee


Performer – Mrs. Webb/Simon Stimson/ Joe Crowell/ Si Crowell | Our Town | Peninsula Productions

Directed by Rebecca Walters

Stage Managed by Elliot Roberts

Movement Direction by David Underhill

Costume Design by Elliot Roberts

Lighting Design by Matthew Bissett


Stage Manager | Hot House | Studio 58

Directed by Dylan Floyde, Julia Munčs, Ella Storey, Matisse Jacques Quaglia, Erin Palm, Hannah Pearson, Isaac Li,  Joe Rose

Written by Cameron Peal, Gaia Chernushenko, Kelsey Kanatan Wavey, Gabriel Covarrubias, Aaron Duke, Ashley Chartrand, Ivy Charles, Jimmy Hong & David Underhill

Overseeing Facilitator for Direction - Fay Nass

Design Mentorship by Yvan Morissette, Heather Kemski, Brad Trenaman, Melissa McCowell & Jordan Watkins


Set & Props Design by Charlie Beaver & Elliot Roberts

Costume Design by Brynna Drummond

Lighting Design by Kitiya Phouthonesy

Projection Design by Charlie Beaver

Sound Design by Elliot Roberts

Assistant Stage Managers - Caleb Dyks & Sarvin Esmaeili

Auxiliary Assistant Stage Managers - Raquel Neumann & Matheus Severo

Production Manager - Daniel Dolan

Technical Director - Gustavo Cunha

Workshop Coordinator - Kevin MacDonald

Dramaturged by Aaron Bushkowsky & Fay Nass


Performer – Frenchie/Band | Cabaret | Studio 58

Directed by Josh Epstein

Musical Direction by Christopher King

Choreography by Shelley Stewart Hunt

Stage Managed by Elliot Roberts

Set Design by Drew Facey

Costume Design by Amy McDougall

Lighting Design by Itai Erdal




Performer – Shannon/Teammate | Mortified (World Premiere) | Studio 58 in Association with Touchstone Theatre

Written by Amy Rutherford

Dramatugy by Jonathon Young

Directed by Anita Rochon

Choreography by Amber Funk Barton

Stage Managed by Ashley Cook

Set & Prop Design by Pam Johnson

Costume Design by Carmen Alatorre

Lighting Design by Brad Trenaman

Sound Design by Malcolm Dow

Projection Design by Jordan Lloyd Watkins

Featuring Studio 58 alumni – Lindsey Angell and Ian Butcher


Performer – Scout/Tyler | I Know What I Saw | Studio 58

Direction by Rachel Aberle

Fight Direction and Movement by Nathan Kay

Stage Management by Marcus Vaillant

Assistant Stage Manager - Ivy Charles

Assistant to the Director - Shanae Sodhi

Student Crew - Caleb Dyks & Sarvin Esmaeili


Performer | Shipyard/ Mountaineer Pals | MONOVA – Museum & Archives of North Vancouver

Directed by Jennifer Boyes-Manseau


Assistant Stage Manager | The Skin of Our Teeth | Studio 58

Directed by Sarah Rodgers

Musical Direction & Composition by Joelysa Pankanea

Stage Managed by Heather Barr

Set Design by David Roberts

Costume Design bySheila White

Projection Design by Emily Cooper

Lighting Design by Itai Erdal

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