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Performer – Nemasani | Anon(ymous) | Studio 58

Directed by Carmen Aguirre

Stage Management by Gustavo Cunha

Set & Props Design by Jessica Oostergo

Lighting Design by Alan Brodie

Costume Design by Mara Gottler

Composition and Musical Direction by Joelysa Pankanea

Choreography by Delia Brett

Video Design by Candelario Andrade

Sound Design by Evan Rein


Performer – Messenger/Dolabella | Antony & Cleopatra | Studio 58

Directed by Cameron Mackenzie

Stage Managed by Brynna Drummond

Set & Props Design by Lauchlin Johnston

Lighting Design by Jerguš Opršal

Sound Design by Heather Kemski

Choreography by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg


Performer – Bea | End of The Line | IGNITE! Youth-Driven Arts Festival – The Cultch

Directed and Written by Red Fawkes

Stage Managed and Costume Design by Melicia Zaini

Set & Props Design by Vanka Salim

Lighting Design by Ryan Yee


Performer – Mrs. Webb/Simon Stimson/ Joe Crowell/ Si Crowell | Our Town | Peninsula Productions

Directed by Rebecca Walters

Stage Managed by Elliot Roberts

Movement Direction by David Underhill

Costume Design by Elliot Roberts

Lighting Design by Matthew Bissett


Stage Manager | Hot House | Studio 58

Directed by Dylan Floyde, Julia Munčs, Ella Storey, Matisse Jacques Quaglia, Erin Palm, Hannah Pearson, Isaac Li,  Joe Rose

Written by Cameron Peal, Gaia Chernushenko, Kelsey Kanatan Wavey, Gabriel Covarrubias, Aaron Duke, Ashley Chartrand, Ivy Charles, Jimmy Hong & David Underhill

Overseeing Facilitator for Direction - Fay Nass

Design Mentorship by Yvan Morissette, Heather Kemski, Brad Trenaman, Melissa McCowell & Jordan Watkins


Set & Props Design by Charlie Beaver & Elliot Roberts

Costume Design by Brynna Drummond

Lighting Design by Kitiya Phouthonesy

Projection Design by Charlie Beaver

Sound Design by Elliot Roberts

Assistant Stage Managers - Caleb Dyks & Sarvin Esmaeili

Auxiliary Assistant Stage Managers - Raquel Neumann & Matheus Severo

Production Manager - Daniel Dolan

Technical Director - Gustavo Cunha

Workshop Coordinator - Kevin MacDonald

Dramaturged by Aaron Bushkowsky & Fay Nass


Performer – Frenchie/Band | Cabaret | Studio 58

Directed by Josh Epstein

Musical Direction by Christopher King

Choreography by Shelley Stewart Hunt

Stage Managed by Elliot Roberts

Set Design by Drew Facey

Costume Design by Amy McDougall

Lighting Design by Itai Erdal

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