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Stage Manager | The Marvelous Wonderettes | Theatre NorthWest

Directed by Sarah Rodgers

Music Direction by Barb Parker

Choreography by Anna Russell

Apprentice Stage Management by Johnell Stafford

Set Design by Jessica Oostergo

Costume Design by Bonnie Deakin

Lighting Design by Gary Harris

Props Coordinator - Solomon Goudsward

Production Manager - John Reilly


Stage Manager | Cerulean Blue | Studio 58

Directed by Cameron Peal & Kelsey Kanatan Wavey

Assistant Stage Management by Kate Berg and Jason Su

Music Composition by Wayne Lavallee

Set, Props & Costume Design by Jessica Oostergo

Costume Assistant - Alaia Hamer

Lighting Design by Brad Trenaman

Fight Direction by Nathan Kay


Co-Stage Manager | on behalf | Pomarantz Collective

Directed by Daniela Atiencia

Co-Stage Managed by Julia Lank

Movement/Choreography by Tamar Tabori

Set & Props Design by Stephanie Wong

Cinematography by Kim Ho

Dramaturgy by Véronique West


Stage Manager | Underground Absolute Fiction (Music Workshop)

Written & Produced by Anais West

Music Direction by khattieQ

Sound Recording & Editor - Piotr Wieczorek

Playwrights' Gym Cohort 2021 | Green Thumb Theatre

Lead by Rachel Aberle

Performer | The Consent Club Workshop | Electric Company Theatre

Written and Directed by Carmen Aguirre

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