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Performer/ Puppeteer – Hedgie | The Papa Penguin Play | A Carousel Theatre for Young People, Vancouver International Children’s Festival and Zee Zee Theatre Co-Production

Written by Dave Deveau

Directed by Cameron Mackenzie
Assistant Directed by Jack Bumbala
Stage Managed by Taylor Mackinnon
Set Design by Kimira Reddy
Sound Design & Composition by Mary Jane Coomber
Lighting Design by Victoria Bell
Props Design by Monica Emme
Puppet Design & Direction by Stephanie Elgersma
Movement Coaching by Nicole Rose Bond
Technical Direction by Ash Shotton


Playwright | LEAP Level 2 Playwrighting Intensive | Arts Club

Co-Lead by Tetsuro Shigematsu & Veronique West

Assisted by Ashleigh Giffen

Assistant Director | Jade Circle | rice & beans theatre, in association with vAct (Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre)

Performer & Playwright – Jasmine Chen

Directed by Derek Chan (陳嘉昊)

Stage Management by Karen Chiang

Set, Props & Costume Design by Julia Kim

Video Design by Daniel O'Shea

Sound Design by Sapphire Haze (Cindy Kao & Aysha Dulong)

Cultural Consultant – Johnny Wu

Visual Artist – Jessica Chen

Production Manager – Jamie Sweeney

Technical Director – Liam Hunt

Technical Director Assistant – Brianna Bernard

Intimacy Director | Shared Space | Bramble Theatre Collective

Written by Amelia Brooker
Directed by Natasha Chew
Assistant Directed by Delaney Lathigee
Stage Management by Maddie Carson-Thornhill
Production Managent & Assistant Stage Management by

Claire deBruyn and Emily Saint
Costume Design by Acadia Currah
Set & Props Design by Hana Nishimoto
Lighting & Sound Design/ Props Assistant – Joel Stadie
Technical Consultant – Jillian Burke


Director | Grandma.Gangsta.Guerilla (Stage Reading) | Advance Theatre Festival: Ruby Slippers

Written by Abi Padilla

Dramaturgy by Zöe Autumn

Performed by Abi Padilla, Lissa Neptuno, Jimmy Hong, Vince Sendrijas & Terrence Zhou



Actor’s Intensive 23.24 Cohort | Arts Club

Performer – Child | Equinox (Workshop & Stage Reading) | Queer & Trans Play Reading Series | Zee Zee theatre

Written by Robyn Vivian

Dramaturgy by Lara Lewis

Directed by Jack Bumbala

Project Lead – Cameron Mackenzie

Reading Producer – Bronwyn Carradine

Lead Dramaturg – Joanna Garfinkel


Production Assistant | Wrecked: A Solo Show | Vancouver Fringe

Playwright & Performer – Samantha Levy

Directed by Raugi Yu

Stage Management by Adam Beggs

Sound Design by Riley Hardwick

Lighting Design by Caroline Frost




Assistant Director | The 3 Little Pigs | Carousel Theatre

Directed by Chris Lam

Music Direction by Arielle Ballance

Choreography by Nicole Rose Bond

Stage Management by Jasmin Sandhu

Set Design by Ariel Slack

Props Design by Monica Emme

Costume Design by Christopher David Gauthier

Lighting Design by Itai Erdal


Stage Manager | Metamorphoses | Studio 58

Directed by Daniela Atiencia

Movement Direction by Vuk Prodanović 

Assistant Stage Management by Marielle Ortinez and Alyson Vance

Set & Props Design by Kimira Reddy

Set Design Assistant and Props Building by Elliot Roberts

Costume Design by Emily Friesen

Costume Assistant - Melissa McCowell

Sound Design by Owen Belton

Lighting Design by Jonathan Kim

Assistant Lighting Design by Andie Lloyd

Intimacy Direction by Julie Murphy

Stage Manager | Catalina La O Presenta: Now With Me | jk jk & Queer Arts Festival

Created by khattieQ and Jenny Larson-Quiñones

Performed by khattieQ

Directed by Jenny Larson-Quiñones

Music Composition by khattieQ & Anton Berrios

Assistant Stage Management by Rachel Brew

Costume Design by Michelle Thorne

Sound Design by Erika Champion

Lighting Design by Abby Levis

Technical Director - Victoria Bell

Production Manager - Jasmin Sandhu

Producer - Shanae Sodhi

Intimacy Consultant | White Girls in Moccasins | the frank theatre

Directed by Quelemia Sparrow

Set Design by Lauchlin Johnston

Costume Design by Jay Havens

Projection Design by Candelario Andrade

Lighting Design by Andrew Pye

Sound Design by Mary Jane Coomber

Animation Content Creation & Poster Artwork by Jay Havens

Stage Management by Jessica Adamson

Assistant Stage Management by Ivy Charles

Production Management by Debbie Courchene

Co-producers - Anais West & Fay Nass

Music Consultant and Vocal Coach - Marguerite Witvoet

Creative and Cultural Consultant - Lisa C. Ravensbergen

Assistant Director | Six of One | Studio 58

Directed by (Program A) Quelemia Sparrow 

Directed by (Program B) Melissa Oei 

Stage Management by Elliot Roberts 

Assistant Stage Management by

(Program A) Caylen Creative and Samantha Kerr

(Program B) Katie Schram and Terrence Zhou

Scenic Design by Kevin MacDonald  

Props Design by Jenn Stewart 

Costume Design by Alaia Hamer

Lighting Design by Keagan Elrick 

Projection Design by Candelario Andrade  

Sound Design by Riley Hardwick 

Production Coordinator | Awkward and Embarrassing Conversations Workshop | Neworld Theatre

Directed by Anita Rochon

Written by Sarah Garton Stanley & Marcus Youssef

Props Design by Shizuka Kai

Projection Design by Cande Andrade

Managing Director - Alen Dominguez


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